Clinical Solutions

Leveraging PDX Models in the Clinic to Accelerate Oncology Drug Development

With the largest known dataset correlating patient-derived xenograft (PDX) model treatment response and corresponding patient clinical outcome for the same drug treatment, the applicability of using Champions TumorGraft PDX models in the clinic is revolutionizing the development of oncology drugs.

From building custom model cohorts to establishing co-clinical trial programs or conducting PDX-matched studies, Champions Oncology is uniquely suited to support the development and utilization of PDX models in the clinic.  

With long-standing experience operating a CLIA-approved PDX drug sensitivity testing program, our extensive Clinical Collaboration Network,   and the global infrastructure necessary to support the acquisition, collection and transportation of various tumor types, including solid tumors and hematology-oncology cancers, Champions Oncology also offers:

  • Management team expertise in oncology drug development, regulatory, clinical trial design and implementation
  • Clinical operations expertise in site training for tissue acquisition and management of all tumor logistic requirements
  • Clinical project management including planning, executing, tracking and evaluating clinical programs.
  • Model development and characterization expertise
  • Multiple international implantation laboratories
  • Funded research initiatives to expand the application of the Champions TumorGraft platform, including next generation humanized models and take rate optimization.

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