Champions TumorGrafts Guide the Development of a Novel, Selective Dual BRAF/EGFR Inhibitor, CEP-32496


Case Study Image

Identifying and developing targeted oncology compounds is often an arduous, costly and time-consuming process. As the demand for effective personalized oncology therapies grow, so does the need for a more predictive model solution.

Champions Oncology’s predictive patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models, Champions TumorGrafts, helps bridge the translational gap in oncology drug development by providing a highly-focused and accelerated simulated clinical trial.

The value of Champions TumorGrafts are demonstrated in our latest case study, which shows how the utilization of our PDX models in a screening and efficacy evaluation impacted the development of a novel compound, the dual BRAF-EGR inhibitor, CEP-32496.

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