Solid Tumor Oncology

Disease-Specific and Target-Specific Therapeutic Agent Development with Patient Derived Xenograft Models  

Research models that replicate the complex heterogeneity of solid tumor cancers are essential for optimizing the development of tomorrow’s treatment modalities. Patient derived xenograft models represent the most widely used models in cancer treatment research.

Champions Oncology has established an extensive global Clinical Collaboration Network that provides access to a broad range of patient derived xenograft models. With greater than 1000 models to choose from, you can select the most optimal cohort to gain the data and knowledge necessary to develop disease-specific and target-specific oncology therapeutic agents.

Our oncology research experts can also partner with investigators to conduct studies that utilize commercially-available or customized cell lines.

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The Champions TumorGraft® platform is a powerful solution for providing insights across the entire drug development cycle, from discovery to clinical research initiatives. Leading multi-national pharmaceutical organizations as well as emerging biotechs identify our bank of greater than 1000 patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models as a valuable resource for answering key development questions, determining a clinical trial strategy, and validating clinical outcome data.

Our models are consistent with the desired patient profile for oncology clinical trials – heavily pretreated, metastatic, advanced-stage disease with relevant molecular and pathological characteristics. We source our models through our clinical collaboration network, which annotates models with accurate and well-documented diagnoses and medical histories.

PDX Model Cohorts

Champions Oncology patient-derived tumor grafts are a large, diverse bank of clinically-relevant PDX models with demonstrated correlation to clinical outcomes.

PDX Model Cohorts

The models reflect disease characteristics that closely mirror those of clinical trial populations. We can provide large cohorts of PDX models for multiple solid tumor types, including:

Researchers in need of unique and specific cohorts of models can partner with Champions Oncology for:

  • Inherited mutations such as BRCA
  • Breast Cancer models by ER/PR/HER2 subtype with known patient treatment history and molecular characterization
  • NSCLS models with specific EGFR mutations and known clinical pretreatment ranging from chemotherapies to targeted inhibitors
  • Platinum pretreated ovarian tumors with known response to a PARP inhibitor
  • Documented mutations for important genes such as KRAS, ALK, MET, BRAF and RET or molecular abnormalities such as microsatellite sequence instability status
  • Prostate PDX models with known PMSA and AR cell surface expression

Champions Tumor Graft Database

The Champions TumorGraft® database is an online, searchable database that contains key data on our primary tumor models. The extensive molecular features of our models, including gene mutations identified through Whole Exome Sequencing and gene expression levels quantified using RNA-seq technology, make The Champions TumorGraft database the most annotated compendium of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models available for searching through a web-based interface.

  • Get RNA sequencing and Whole Exome sequencing data
  • Compare cohorts of well-characterized models.
  • See graphical representations of model sets.
  • Build complex queries on indication, clinical data, patient treatment history, or molecular characterizations such as mutations, gene expression, copy number variations (CNV), or gene fusions.
  • Save search results for future use as a predefined model set.
  • Export data for user-defined systems and programs.

Beyond choosing the appropriate tumor type, selecting the right PDX model for research with a targeted therapy also depends on the quality and extent of clinical and genomic characterization.

It begins with the exacting clinical documentation, including cancer type and subtype, stage, grade, histology and harvest site, patient demographics and medical history. Champions Oncology ensures the highest quality of extensive genomic tumor characterization through an ongoing program of whole exome and RNA sequencing that is technically meticulous, methodologically rigorous and thoroughly documented. Champions Oncology PDX models are also documented with in vivo drug sensitivity to standard of care drugs and other therapies, and growth characteristics.

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Champions Oncology offers in vivo studies in our immunocompromised mice using commercially-available human cancer cell lines or customized cell lines. These studies can provide a more accurate assessment of tumor growth in the presence of drugs in development and better predictive activity of those agents than in vitro studies.

Following subcutaneous engraftment, drugs can be administered through all typical routes.

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