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The Champions Leukemia TumorGraft Platform – Advanced Leukemia PDX Tumor Models

Leukemia is a clinically and molecularly heterogeneous group of cancers, often associated with poor outcomes.  Historically, methods for modeling hematology oncology malignancies has lagged that of solid tumors, forcing drug development scientists to rely on models that did not accurately recapitulate leukemic disease.  The leukemia PDX model platform from Champions Oncology offer an advancement in studying this these cancers and their potential treatments.

A Superior Leukemia PDX Model for Better Research

Champions Oncology has established an advanced PDX platform for modeling leukemias, including acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL),. The resource utilizes clinical patient samples derived directly from AML and ALL patients for establishing the leukemia PDX model engraftments, allowing for more realistic approach to gaining a deeper understanding of disease biology, evaluating  the efficacy of novel therapeutic strategies, and modeling treatment response.

Additionally, a resource for modeling distinct treatment populations has been created by collecting blasts from patients during the course of disease progression. Both approaches provide distinct advantages:

  • Studies using leukapheresis sampling allows for modeling large numbers of study mice across an established panel of patient samples
  • Studies using samples collected during disease progression provide for modeling defined patient cohorts co-clinically.

Correlation to Standard of Care Responses

Models treated with cytarabine show a range of responses, with a similar response rate observed in the clinic. Survival analyses can be performed, with overall survival results showing correlation to cytarabine response.

huCD33_cytarabine-SoC_leukemia pdx model


Survival-Curve for leukemia pdx model


You can also leverage our Clinical Operation team and global sample collection infrastructure to build custom genotypic or phenotypic cohorts of patients throughout disease progression to:

  • Correlate clinical efficacy
  • Evaluate mechanisms of resistance
  • Refine treatment  strategies   

For more informa

For more information, click here. Read our white paper about Champions Oncology Acute Myeloid Leukemia Models for Ex Vivo and In Vivo Study.

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Champions Oncology Leukemia Modeling

Myeloablated mice are engrafted with human leukemic cells derived directly from clinical samples.  These models are never passaged and retain clinical relevance.




Post-inoculation leukemic stem cell profiles demonstrate strong disease engraftment and tumor hierarchy as demonstrated by flow cytometry phenotyping of huCD45, huCD3 and huCD33.


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Overview of Hematology/Oncology Models

Our extensive leukemia PDX bank for therapeutic testing includes models with known IDH1/2 status, FLT3 mutation status and NMP status, among other characteristics.


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