Humanized Mice,  Syngeneic Mouse Models and Cell Lines to Support Immuno-Oncology Drug Development at Champions Oncology

Champions Oncology has specialized models that support the engraftment of human cells and tissues, to accelerate efficacy and safety testing of novel immunotherapies. We have optimized humanized mice with efficient engraftment of the human immune system, and co-engraftment of patient derived xenografts or cell lines.

Studies using syngeneic mouse models are also available as an alternative approach to investigating the proof of concept of oncology drug candidates.   

Working in close collaboration with the immuno-oncology research scientists at Champions Oncology, your study will be optimized by selecting the most-suitable humanized mouse model, determining optimal humanization and study timing, and deploying the appropriate endpoints.

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Enroll in our MC38 HuSyngenic Study. MC38 huSyngeneic is a transgenic syngeneic platform which allows for the use of human therapeutics targeting PD-1, PD-L1 and/or CTLA4.

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The Champions ImmunoGraft™ Platform – Humanized PDX Models for Immuno-Oncology Research 


The Champions ImmunoGraft platform combines Champions TumorGraft™ patient-derived xenograft models and humanized mice to create a predictive tool for evaluating a variety of cancer therapeutics that modulate human immunity, including check point inhibitors, monoclonal or bispecific antibodies, therapeutic cancer vaccines and some cytokine-based therapies.  

The Champions ImmunoGraft platform contains the same detailed information on models, including clinical features and patient treatment history, as well as target gene expression and prior response to ImmunoGraft studies.

The Champions ImmunoGraft Process

Step 1

Murine immune system depleted and human hematopoetic reconstitution using CD34+ human stem cells

Step 2
PDX tumor engraftment and growth


Step 3
Screening against engraftment and growth


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Cell Line Studies in Humanized Mice

Champions Oncology offers in vivo studies in our humanized mice using commercially-available human cancer cell lines or customized cell lines.  These studies can provide a more accurate assessment of tumor growth in the presence of immuno-oncology drugs in development and provide better predictive activity of those agents when compared to in vitro studies.

Cells are engrafted subcutaneously and, as with solid PDX studies, drugs can be administered through all typical routes.

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Syngeneic Studies

Syngeneic mouse studies are a viable alternative to studying the effect of immune-oncology drugs on tumors in the presence of an intact immune system.  These studies utilize immunocompetent mice and mouse cancer cell lines that are from the same strain of mice.  

Champions Oncology provides numerous validated models, including CT26, B16, LLC, 4T1, MC38, A20, and RENCA, with in-house standard or customized flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry (IHC) analysis to enumerate and profile immune cells.   You can also leverage the expertise of our immunology team to optimize study design and endpoint analysis.   

Champions also offers Champions SynScreen – a large-scale syngeneic screening opportunity.  Learn more about latest models available and enrollment periods.