Custom Model Cohorts

Model Build

Custom PDX Model Development and Banking

As more specific clinical and molecular characterization of tumors and tumor subtypes are identified, the approach of building and banking PDX models with exact inclusion criteria may optimally support drug development portfolios in key therapeutic areas.

Partnering with Champions Oncology, we can create unique cohorts of clinically-relevant PDX models on a scale that supports your research programs and drug development portfolios.

Similar to the developing of a clinical trial protocol, specific eligibility requirements, recruitment rates, and geographic regions are identified to meet the exact needs for the custom model build.

Custom PDX model development fosters a faster, deeper understanding of specific mechanisms of tumor biology and the molecular changes that confer resistance, as well as ensures initial exclusive rights to their use in research.

Contact us to learn more about adding significant value to the understanding of your research with Champions Oncology custom PDX model development and banking.