Patient Stories

It is very rewarding when the Champions TumorGraft® technology positively impacts the lives of patients. Below is a collection of testimonials from patients and oncologists detailing their Champions TumorGraft experience.

Dr. Silvana Martino of Angeles Clinic Foundation Announces Collaboration with Champions

Dr. Silvana Martino of the Angeles Clinic Foundation in California announces the inclusion of Champions TumorGraft® patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models as a new course of treatment for patients at the facility. Click here to read more.

Dr. Ang Peng Tiam Discusses the Challenges to Treating Cancer

Dr. Ang Peng Tiam, medical director and senior consultant medical oncology at Parkway Cancer Centre in Singapore, discusses the challenges to treating cancer and how the Champions TumorGraft® technology is helping to bridge the gap.

Champions Improves Quality of Life for Patient with Metastasized Sarcoma

Robyn recounts explains how Champions TumorGraft® technology and Expert Panel services helped in her husband’s fight with sarcoma.

Dr. Andrew Gaya Discusses His Relationship With Champions

Andrew Gaya, MD, of Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC) in London, describes the Champions TumorGraft® process and his relationship with Champions Oncology.

Prof. Justin Stebbing Details the Nuances of the Champions TumorGraft® Process

Professor Justin Stebbing, a widely-published author and professor of cancer medicine and oncology at Imperial College in London, explains how Champions Oncology personalizes cancer therapy.

Champions TumorGraft® Therapy Provided Clinical Benefit to Lung Cancer Patient

In this video, Igal, a patient with metastatic lung cancer, and his wife, Michal, discuss the overall improvements Igal experienced based on the information provided to his treating physician from the Champions TumorGraft® drug sensitivity testing.

Dr. Sharla Lichtman Discusses Personalized Cancer Treatment

Canadian physician Dr. Sharla Lichtman talks about why she thinks personalized cancer treatment is the future of oncology.

Sarcoma Patient Found Hope with Champions

In this video, Sarcoma patient Yaron and his wife, Rochelle, talk about their journey from diagnosis to treatment against the odds, thanks to a successful Champions TumorGraft® process by Champions Oncology.

Senior Oncologist Dr. Stephen Reingold Details His Experience With Champions

Dr. Stephen Reingold, a senior medical oncologist from Ontario, Canada, talks about Champions’ Personalized Oncology Solutions in this video.

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