Champions Oncology 1st Annual Oncology Drug Discovery Symposium

Babraham Institute

Register for Champions Oncology 1st Annual Oncology Drug Discovery Symposium in Cambridge, UK

Wednesday 12th June, 9:00-17:00, Babraham Research Campus
The Cambridge Building, King’s Hedges conference room

Support your oncology or immuno-oncology drug development programs, from preclinical testing, to translational studies, to research in the clinic, by attending the Champions Oncology drug discovery symposium. Learn from experts about current solutions and approaches for today’s needs and innovative techniques for tomorrow’s challenges.

Who Should Attend:

R&D, discovery, preclinical and translational teams from pharma, biotech, and academia

Topics Include:

  • Organoid 2.0: towards in vitro oncology trials
  • How to optimise the use of PDX models to run effective in vivo pre-clinical trials
  • Next-generation humanised mouse models for immuno-oncology
  • Novel approaches to targeting immunosuppression in cancer

Scheduled Speakers:

Dr. Rebecca Marlow, Staff Scientist: Patient-Derived Models Team, Institute Cancer Research

Dr. Nicholas Floch, Associate Prinical Scientist, AstraZeneca

Dr. Gavin Bennett, Director, Project Lead, Bicycle Therapeutics

Dr. Phillip Dube, Senior Manager, Appication Sciences, Taconic

Dr. Aleksandra Flipovic, Therapeutic Lead, Oncology, Puretech Health

Dr. Mustapha Faroudi, Senior Scientist, Preclinical Translational Phamacology, F-star

Dr. Jayesh Majithiya, Senior Scientist, Crescendo Biologics

Dr. Amy Wesa, Director Immuno-Oncology Research, Champions Oncology

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