Champions Biotechnology, Inc. Launches

Baltimore, MD – June 01, 2009 – Champions Biotechnology (OTC Bulletin Board: CSBR), a company engaged in the development of advanced preclinical platforms and tumor specific data to enhance the value of oncology drugs, has launched the website The website provides information and access to the company’s unparalleled personalized treatment options for physicians and their patients, including: Champions Biotechnology, Inc.

Personalized Tumorgraft

A Personalized Tumorgraft is a sample of the patient’s living tumor that is grown and tested in Champions’ facilities. This novel approach optimizes treatment choices through simultaneous evaluation of the effectiveness of numerous anti-cancer drugs, sparing the patient from undergoing therapy that may not be optimal for that specific cancer. Champions also maintains the patient’s living Tumorgraft to allow for future studies, if needed, for the patient and his/her family.

Personalized Vaccine

A therapeutic cancer vaccine may be developed from the patient’s tumor to provide the most personalized cancer treatment available. Tumor cells from the Personalized Tumorgraft are genetically modified, then used to stimulate a patient’s immune system to recognize and, if possible, attack the patient’s cancer cells.

Personalized Oncology Panel

Champions’ provides the cancer patient and treating physician with access to the world’s top cancer experts, convening exclusive panels of renowned experts, selected based on a patient’s specific cancer type and condition, from each of the disciplines critical to the patient’s case. In a round table forum, the expert panel debates the broad array of options and provides a consensus treatment recommendation to the patient’s physician.

The website also includes a selection of case presentations in the Healthcare Professional section that demonstrate the positive clinical results achieved by physicians whose cancer patients have chosen to use Champions’ services.

“With the launch of our new website, Champions empowers Web users to explore, learn, and expand their understanding of breakthrough cancer treatments, making available today the personalized oncology options of tomorrow,” said Doug Burkett, PhD, President of Champions Biotechnology, Inc. “We are providing patients and physicians with real-time access to cutting edge medicine, including valuable insight into the most promising new cancer treatments, genetic tests, novel therapeutics, landmark research, and more.”

Dr. Burkett continued, “Champions offers a more precise approach to cancer treatment, because every patient’s cancer is unique. In partnership with one’s physician, Champions optimizes a given treatment plan’s potential for success and maximizes the patient’s most precious resource: time. We anticipate the launch of will bring our exceptional spectrum of personalized cancer treatment options to a broader audience than ever before.”

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