Therapeutic Response

Champions TumorGraft® PDX Models Can Improve Therapeutic Response

Introducing an in vivo tumor model for predicting therapeutic efficacy. Champions TumorGraft patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models represent a revolutionary technology that uses the patient’s own tumor to evaluate personalized cancer therapy and treatment. A personalized PDX model is Champions Oncology’s innovative platform for implanting a piece of your patient’s live tumor directly into an immune-deficient mouse.

  • This revolutionary method preserves the characteristics of the tumor, with all of its different cells and supportive stroma, in a living environment, as if it were growing in  the patient. (Click here for a comparison of ChampionsTumorGraft PDX models to traditional xenografts.)
  • Over time, the tumor will be expanded and implanted into additional mice.
  • Champions will then test multiple anticancer drug regimens on these mice to identify which one(s) may be most effective at either shrinking or inhibiting the growth of your patient’s tumor.

Champions has conducted studies that have shown that a treatment that either shrinks the tumor or largely inhibits the growth of the tumor implanted into mice has a high likelihood of also working against the tumor in the patient’s body.123

Your patient benefits because these treatments are tested on a live sample of the entire tumor, rather than on the patient — so you might lessen the risk of needless side effects for treatments that might not work on them.

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