TumorsGrafts vs. Traditional Xenografts

Champions TumorGraft® Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Models are Different than Traditional Xenografts

Tumor fragments are transplanted directly from patient to mice:

  • Supporting stroma and cancer stem cells are maintained, thereby maintaining the important interactions between stroma and cancer cells
  • Drug activity is assessed in original tumor microenvironment
  • Tumor heterogeneity is maintained through drug-testing phase

Attributes and Advantages
Champions TumorGraft® PDX models are more accurate than traditional xenografts:

  • Histologically, tumors show a high degree of concordance between the original tumor and multiple passages in mice with regard to protein expression and stability (view examples images)
  • Maintain high degree of mutational accuracy through the Champions TumorGraft expansion phases (view the patient journey)
  • Maintain a near-perfect correlation in gene expression with the original tumor (correlation with standard xenografts is ~20%)
  • View a comparison using microarray expression analysis
  • Maintain strong accuracy with clinical response to standard of care agents

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