TumorGraft Accuracy

ChampionsTumorGraft® Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Accuracy

Your patient’s PDX model closely resembles the patient’s living tumor. We have found that the biology of the tumor reproduces itself in the living host. This grafted tumor has near-perfect likeness when compared with the original human tumor (at the histologic, genetic and expression level) and continues to display the same properties throughout its propagation in subsequent passages.

Predictive Power
This platform, with its accurate representation of the patient’s tumor, allows us to perform a “preclinical trial” for each individual patient. Treatment responses are scored as progressive or stable disease, partial response or complete response. We have found a very strong correlation between the accuracy of the response in the graft with the response in the patient’s clinical course. Your patient’s PDX model can always be used for further studies, as it remains a “living” tumor within a host environment. We have verified the clinical correlations in retrospective studies, prospective case registry and preclinical pharmaceutical studies.

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