About Champions Oncology – Supporting Oncology Drug Development From Cell Lines to Modeling Treatment Response in the Clinic Using PDX Models

Champions Oncology, Inc. provides an end-to-end range of research and development solutions and services, from cell lines to modeling treatment in the clinic using PDX models, that improve the productivity of oncology drug development.  Using both in vitro to in vivo testing platforms companies can leverage the expertise at Champions Oncology to help guide decision making for clinical development scenarios.

From screens using commercially-available and custom cell lines, to studies leveraging syngeneic or traditional patient-derived studies xenograft (PDX) models, and modeling treatment response in the clinic, Champions Oncology is your partner in meeting  today’s needs and innovating for tomorrow’s challenges.

The Champions Oncology TumorGraft Platform of PDX Models

At the core of our services is the Champions TumorGraft® (CTG) platform, a comprehensive, unique PDX models, which preserve the biological characteristics of human tumors and are highly predictive of clinical outcomes. Services utilizing Champions TumorGrafts® PDX tumor models include evaluating tumor sensitivity/resistance to various single, combination, standard and novel chemotherapy agents, biomarker discovery and the identification of novel drug combinations.

Champions TumorGraft® PDX models are procured through agreements our Clinical Collaboration Network, a series of renowned oncology institutions in the U.S. and around the world, as well as through the company’s Personalized Oncology Solutions business.  The procurement, development and characterization of TumorGrafts within multiple cancer types enable Champions to uniquely provide a wide range of clinically-relevant models, including rare cohorts, across the entire drug development process.

Personalized Oncology Services Using PDX Models

Personalized Oncology Solutions assist clinical oncologists by establishing and administering expert tumor panels for their patients to analyze medical records and test results, to assist in understanding conventional and experimental options and to identify and arrange for testing, analysis and study of the patients’ cancer tissues, as appropriate. Additionally, the company offers personalized PDX development, drug studies and genome sequencing, whereby physicians can evaluate the effects of cancer drugs and understand the genetic makeup of each patient’s tumor, enabling them to better select treatment regimens.