POSITION TITLE: Bioinformatician

LOCATION: Herzliya, Israel (a completed application is not needed to apply for this position)

REPORTS TO: Director of Bioinformatics


Manage and resolve most of the bioinformatics enquiries that we get from customers. The enquiries require deep biological, technical and computational understanding of various assay types (mostly NGS). Help build the infrastructure for our growing bioinformatics needs: data transfers to/from AWS, script writing in R (and possibly other scripting languages, depending on needs), UI over our proprietary DB, and various other challenges besides. Participate in, and help in the assessment of, various academic and industry leads for potential collaboration. Take part in the search, and discovery, of new drug-related biomarkers.

All this will require interactions with business development, scientific and IT staff within the organization as well as external collaborators, clients and service providers.


  • Take in analysis requests from clients and internal staff
  • Gain a deep understanding of the underlying biology and computational process
  • Implement and apply the analysis on our own systems
  • Create and stabilize automated pipelines for recurring analysis types
  • Collaborate with a group of experts in cancer research to assess advances in bioinformatics technologies to recommend and develop a bioinformatics platform implementation strategy for use in discovery and translational research


  • Strong background in either Biology or some computational science (CS, Mathematics, Statistics), with a bachelor’s-equivalent understanding of the other
  • Programming capabilities as well as familiarity with the Linux command line environment
  • Hands-on experience with state-of-the-art bioinformatics tools
  • Innovative out-of-the-box thinking
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team, with biologists as well as with computational scientists
  • Strong sense of responsibility


  • M.Sc. or Ph.D.  in Computational Sciences (CS, Mathematics or Statistics) or in Biology
  • For computational scientists: B.A. in Biology or at least 1 years’ experience working as a computational biologist
  • For Biologists: B.A. in a computational science or at least 1 years’ experience working as a programmer
  • Experience running NGS bioinformatics analyses is an advantage


  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Committed team environment
  • Daily interaction with the world’s leading experts in cancer treatment


Send application and resume to [email protected].