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Bridging the Gap Between Research and Clinic

Leverage a range of research and development solutions to improve the productivity of oncology drug development

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Champions Ex Vivo Breast Cancer PDX Screen
Enrollment Ends June 30th

Participate in the Champions Oncology Breast Cancer VitroScreen for lower cost, large scale studies across 10 or 20 Low Passage Breast Cancer Models.

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AACR 2019 Poster Presentation
AML PDX Platform to Evaluate Novel Therapeutic Agents
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Our Latest Webinar

Clinical Flow Cytometry: Validation and Implementation in a Regulatory Setting

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Champions Oncology at Tumor Models
San Franciso, CA
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On-Demand Webinar Series

Learn more about humanized mouse models for the preclinical evaluation of novel immunotherapies

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Access the Champions TumorGraft Database

Identify PDX cohorts based on molecular characteristics, patient treatment, standard-of-care testing outcomes, clinical features and more

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Hematology<br>Oncology Models

Oncology Models

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Champions <br>TumorGraft Database

TumorGraft Database

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Co-Clinical Trials

Co-Clinical Trials

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Champions Oncology Reports Record Quarterly Revenue of $6.2 Million

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Champions Oncology Granted Full Accreditation by the AAALAC

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