Superiority Over Xenografts

The Heterogeneity of TumorGrafts

Unlike traditional cell-lines-based xenografts, which have a very poor ability to accurately predict clinical success, Champions TumorGrafts have been shown to accurately correlate with specific patient outcomes.


  • Our patient derived xenograft (TumorGraft) models maintain a very high degree of genetic correlation (94%) to the original tumor.
  • Champions TumorGrafts are established from the actual tumor sample, and not from a cell line that has been passaged in vitro, so:
  • Our models have a 3-dimensional, heterogeneous structure that is more representative of the human cancer and maintains the cancer stem cells and stromal components.
  • Because our xenograft model is derived from a single patient, Champions TumorGrafts can be molecularly characterized for targeted drug development in a manner in which traditional cell-line-based xenografts cannot.

Identifying the Right Patient Population for Your Compound

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