Predictive Value

High Correlation in an Efficient System

Our stable and highly characterized Champions TumorGrafts® provide the ideal evaluation environment for oncology compounds and data that allow clinical development decisions to be made with confidence, due to their excellent predictive value.

Champions TumorGrafts® have been shown to correlate with actual patient outcomes based on tumor response, time to tumor progression and survival. This platform is available to researchers developing new oncology drugs to evaluate their drug’s efficacy in a less-costly clinical environment but with a high degree of correlation to the clinical setting.

The predictive power of the Champions TumorGraft® platform has been demonstrated in numerous clinical applications by Champions’ Personalized Oncology Solutions.


The Heterogeneity of TumorGrafts

Unlike traditional cell-lines-based xenografts, which have a very poor ability to accurately predict clinical success, Champions TumorGrafts® have been shown to accurately correlate with specific patient outcomes.


  • Our patient-derived xenograft (TumorGraft) models maintain a very high degree of genetic correlation (94 percent) to the original tumor.
  • Champions TumorGrafts® are established from the actual tumor sample, and not from a cell line that has been passaged in vitro, so:
  • Our models have a three-dimensional, heterogeneous structure that is more representative of the human cancer and maintains the cancer stem cells and stromal components.
  • Because our xenograft model is derived from a single patient, Champions TumorGrafts® can be molecularly characterized for targeted drug development in a manner in which traditional cell-line-based xenografts cannot.

Identifying the Right Patient Population for Your Compound

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