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Personalized Cancer Treatment Therapy for Your Tumor

A Personalized TumorGraft from Champions Oncology could improve your outcome and extend your life by predicting which cancer treatment therapy may be more likely to have a positive impact on your cancer. This revolutionary technology uses your own living tumor growing in a mouse to help evaluate cancer treatments.

Champions will then test anticancer drug regimens on the mice to identify which one(s) may be most effective at shrinking your tumor.

Champions has conducted studies that have shown that a cancer treatment therapy that shrinks your tumor that has been implanted into mice has a high likelihood of also working against the tumor in your body1.

Your physician will then be able to make personalized cancer treatment therapy decisions for you based on actual observations of how your own tumor sample responded to various anticancer drugs.

The Personalized TumorGraft Advantage

  • Testing cancer drug treatments on a Personalized TumorGraft may reduce the likelihood of ineffective chemotherapy and possible resulting side effects.
  • Accurate, personalized cancer treatment therapy recommendations could save valuable time and effort by identifying cancer treatment options more likely to result in a positive outcome
  • Testing of novel cancer treatments may guide treating physicians towards treatments they had not previously considered.
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