Talk to Your Doctor

Talking to Your Doctor

Your doctor is your primary partner in your treatment and is part of the decision to include Champions TumorGrafts as part of your regimen. It is important that you talk to your doctor as soon as possible about your desire to add Champions TumorGrafts to your treatment plan.

Champions Oncology works with you and your physician to identify the best drug treatment for your individual tumor. The Champions TumorGraft process begins with a sample of your live tumor.

Champions TumorGrafts was developed by Dr. David Sidransky, a noted and award winning oncologist associated with the world’s top cancer centers. David is among the most published oncologists in the world and was profiled by Time magazine as one of the top physicians and scientists in America.

TumorGrafts have been the subject of over a dozen peer reviewed articles published in top medical and scientific journals. Champions is currently planning additional clinical validation studies.

Starting Your Personalized TumorGraft Journey

Your proactive decision to add Champions TumorGrafts to your cancer treatment toolkit can increase your chances of success. Our team of scientists are ready to help you explain the benefits of TumorGrafts to your oncologist. Contact us using the form here today.

Your physician can contact us as well at 866-746-5457 to discuss how TumorGrafts can become part of your cancer treatment solution.

The Personalized TumorGraft process begins with a piece of your live tumor. It is best to plan for a Personalized TumorGraft in advance of your surgery/biopsy.

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