TumorGrafts: A breakthrough technology with an individual approach

There may be a hope for your specific cancer.

Every person’s cancer has its own distinct set of molecular changes making every patient’s tumor unique.

The era of personalized medicine has the potential to fulfill the promise of delivering the right dose for the right indication to the right patient at the right time.

Imagine your oncologist knowing before he makes a treatment decision how well your cancer may respond to a particular therapy. Tools that enable a more informed treatment decision do exist and may help individualize your cancer care.

Champions’ TumorGrafts can help you identify the treatment that should have the best results for your personal tumor.

Champions’ TumorGrafts have been successfully tested in most tumor types including colorectal, ovarian, lung, breast, sarcoma, pancreatic, stomach, esophageal, mesothelioma and others. They can predict the likely success of many therapies including single-agent and combination chemotherapy regimens, targeted biological drugs and antiangiogenics.

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