Frequently Asked Questions about Champions Oncology

The Champions TumorGraft® process and drug screening

What is a personalized Champions TumorGraft® tumor model?

How can Champions TumorGrafts® PDX models help patients and physicians?

How does Champions get the patient's live tumor for the implantation?
Do tumors always grow?
What factors affect whether a tumor will grow or not?
How long does Champions TumorGraft testing take?
How accurate is the Champions TumorGraft test in identifying drugs that are likely to work?
How do you know which drugs to test?
Can you test off-label drugs or drugs that are not indicated for my tumor type?
What is the advantage of the Champions TumorGraft PDX model over DNA sequencing?

General Patient Questions

Does insurance cover any of the costs?
How much experience do you have with my type of cancer?
How many Champions TumorGrafts PDX models have you done and how many have identified drugs that work in patients?
If I want to do other tests in the future, can you store my tumor?
What is a live tumor bank?
If my tumor changes during treatment or recurs after treatment, what does this mean for my PDX model and any future treatments, should I need them?

Whom should I contact for more information or if I have more questions?
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