Prospective Clinical Evidence

Prospective Case Studies of TumorGraft Guided Therapy

  • 14 patients with advanced cancer whose treatments were selected based on activity against a Personalized TumorGraft™ developed from the patient’s own cancer.
  • cases-table-thumbThe data showed a high correlation between drug activity in the model and clinical outcome, both in terms of resistance and sensitivity.
  • Excellent performance irrespective of the line of treatment and tumor type in the therapy in 9 different tumor types including lung, gastroesophageal, colorectal, pancreatic, and others
  • The treatments selected for each individual patient were not obvious and would have not been the first choice for a conventional second or third line treatment.
  • The objective response rate was 88 % for treatments deemed effective by the model and tested in the patients.
  • In 13 out of 14 patients, we found a recommended drug or drug combination treatment
  • Of these 13 patients, 10 had a durable partial response and 2 achieved stable disease.
  • These results were achieved from 3rd thru 6th line therapy
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