Champions Clinical PDX Program – Breast Cancer

Optimal Patient Population

  • High risk triple-negative at diagnosis (biopsy)
  • Triple-negative with residual disease post adjuvant therapy (surgery)
  • Triple-negative and HER2+ at first recurrence (biopsy)

TumorGraft Criteria

  • At least three weeks from prior systemic therapy
  • Need for further systemic therapy
  • Need 0.5cm3 or 4 core biopsies
    (18 gauge)

Take Rate Information

  • Average time from tumor implantation to drug testing is 20 weeks
  • 61% for triple-negative patients; increases to 76% when tumor is surgically resected
  • 71% for HER2+ patients


  • Tumor implantation and tumor banking at no cost
  • Drug therapies tested include single agents and combination, cytotoxic agents and targeted therapies, drugs tested against the cancer cells as well as drugs targeting the tumor microenvironment
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