About Us

Champions Oncology, Inc. is engaged in the development of advanced technology solutions and services to personalize the development and use of oncology drugs. The Champions TumorGraft® (CTG) platform is a novel approach based upon the implantation of primary human tumors in immune-deficient mice followed by propagation of the resulting engraftments, or patient-derived xenografts (PDX) models, in a manner that preserves the biological characteristics of the original human tumor. Champions believes that these PDX models closely reflect human cancer biology and that their response to drugs is more predictive of clinical outcomes in cancer patients. Champions is building its CTG platform through the procurement, development and characterization of TumorGrafts within multiple cancer types. Champions TumorGraft® PDX models are procured through agreements with a number of institutions in the U.S. and overseas, as well as through the company’s Personalized Oncology Solutions business.

Champions provides Personalized Oncology Solutions, or POS, to oncologists by establishing and administering expert tumor panels for their patients to analyze medical records and test results, to assist in understanding conventional and experimental options and to identify and arrange for testing, analysis and study of the patients’ cancer tissues, as appropriate. Additionally, the company offers personalized PDX development, drug studies and genome sequencing as part of our POS, whereby physicians can evaluate the effects of cancer drugs on their patients’ personalized PDX tumor model and understand the genetic makeup of each patient’s tumor, enabling them to better select treatment regimens that may be efficacious to the patient.

As the company expanded its number of PDX models, it began offering leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies the benefits of its Champions TumorGraft® platform for oncology development programs. Champions provides Translational Oncology Solutions, or TOS, that are predictive of clinical outcomes and that might provide for a faster and less expensive path to drug approval. These services utilize Champions TumorGrafts® PDX tumor models to evaluate tumor sensitivity/resistance to various single, combination, standard and novel chemotherapy agents. TOS also includes biomarker discovery and the identification of novel drug combinations.


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